Finding faith

What it means to be faithful



I enjoyed reading through Psalm 31. It is a great example of faithfulness. I have come to realize that for me, being faithful is a feeling of peace I receive. It is not something I had, or can just say I have. It comes through experience, failures, hardships, and conversations with the Lord.

There are times I have not been faithful. But there is sort of a pattern to faithfulness and if you can get down the routine, then being faithful tends to come natural.

In the beginning of Psalm 31 David is praying to God and trusting Him. He says things like “deliver me”, “Be to me a rock of strength, “You will lead me”, and “You will pull me out of the net”. He has a hope in the Lord and he is putting his trust in the God.

Then you read of David crying out to God and telling Him all that is going on. He asks for grace and says, “I am in distress”. He describes his weeping and continues with, “His life is spent with sorrow, and “His body is wasted away”. He said that he had become a reproach and that his life was in danger. He made it sound like people despised him. David is so broken he can’t even take care of himself and he is weeping and exhausted. He took his worries and grieving’s to God and cried out to Him.

After that God reminded David of His promises and David blessed the Lord.

Because he first trusted and took everything to God, he was able to hear from God. David could not have blessed the Lord and heard God’s promises unless he had sought the Lord like he did and put his faith and trust in Him. He had to take a leap of faith and cry out to God. God is not magical. And he is far too concerned about your character to make things magically disappear, but whatever you are burdened with, God will bear. He will bear it and be your refuge. As David said in Psalm 31:23, “The Lord preserves the faithful.”


The way to being truly faithful in your hard times is this:

1.)     You take a leap of faith (hope) and you pray and trust the lord.

2.)     You cry out to God and tell him what is going on.

3.)     You hear from God. At this point, you will be hearing from the Lord and He will be giving you revelation and reminding you of his                                        promises. After you hear from the Lord, this is where the faith really comes in. This is where you learn what being faithful is all about. Since you              have heard from the Lord, now you can agree with Him and know that everything will be fine, because you have heard it from God himself.

4.)    The last key is to bless the Lord with the truth that God has given you.


It is God who makes me faithful. Not my own strength. And he enjoys it.

“For it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.”

Philippians 2:13 (NASB)