Casting stones

Finding grace


I am so thankful for the time God has spent taming the mama bear in me. Just like other moms, I certainly have one that you don’t want to awaken, but God has been teaching me about grace. And while finding grace has been a long journey, it is one that is worth the walk.

As a mama bear, it really doesn’t matter if we are family or not. You could even be my spouse. Having these cubs have made me very protective of them. There are many times when you need to be your child’s advocate and make sure things are going as they should. And there are countless times I have roared at people only to feel bad later and had to clean up the mess I made. Especially to my husband.

After many years of practice, I have a lot of things down. Things that used to be hard are easier now, I am way more flexible, forgiving, loving and just so much better at parenting than I used to be. But I didn’t get there right away. I have only figured things out by the mistakes that I have made and have tried to learn from them. The same holds true for my husband. My husband and I have different experiences and have overcome different things. That is one great thing about having a husband. We get to share what we have learned and parent even better.

My husband though, somehow has a God-given grace that I do not have. Through all my mistakes and learnings, he has always been there for me so loving and patiently, allowing God to work in my life. I have not always extended the same grace to him. I have often come to him with higher expectations in a condemning way.

I have been working hard on that with God. But recently, my husband was having a dispute with one of our teenage children. While I could see the disrespect coming from our child, I was focused on the mistakes that my husband was making. My first instinct is primal! Suddenly, the mama bear in me is waking and I want to pounce! But the Lord gets a hold of me and I listen. And he brings to mind, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.” Jaw drop! Instantly the mama bear sleeps and I am filled with grace for my husband.

With this perspective, I can help my husband work through it and give him the support he needs. He doesn’t need someone throwing stones at him. He needs grace. We all need grace. And if we have grace, it will work out.